Information links

We like our patients to be well informed so they can participate in shared decision making about their own health. Often the first port of call for information is the internet. Unfortunately this can often lead to misinformation. Below are some links to websites that we find useful to educate our patients. It is by no means exhaustive.
Jean Hailes has some great women’s health information about a range of topics including polycystic ovaries, contraception, the menopause and endometriosis. They have a useful search function on their website.

If you are experiencing issues with continence there are many government websites to direct you to help. These include and
You can also find some useful patient information about treatment options at

There is really good sexual health information at

If you have vulval skin issues or are concerned about the appearance of your labia there are plenty of resources including; and

The patient information section at Australian menopause society website has some great information about the safety of HRT, alternatives to HRT and other women’s health issues in the menopause.